Meet Beth

2020 Cancer Kickin' Cowgirl

Meet Beth

Nominated by Erin, owner of Evolution Yoga, and her Trainer Rachel, from Glen Grove Equestrian Center

I am writing to nominate Beth for the Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat. I cannot think of a more worthy recipient who embodies the “Yeehaw and Namaste” retreat theme.

I befriended Beth when she began practicing yoga at my studio in 2014. Right away, Beth’s deep appreciation for life was apparent. As I grew to know her better, the root of this love of life became clear. She shared that she had battled breast cancer twice, in 1999 and, again in 2005. She initially took up yoga at a class for cancer survivors and has continued ever since.

More recently, on Valentine’s Day 2018, Beth’s cancer reemerged, this time in the form of metastatic ovarian cancer. Throughout her treatment, Beth’s resilience has become even more apparent. She shows up to yoga classes even when she is depleted. She shares beautiful reflections on her experience in hopes of helping others facing similar challenges. She finds respite in her yoga practice and in riding her beloved lesson horse Apricot, who she describes as an earth angel.

Despite facing challenge after challenge, including several surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and complications along the way, Beth continues to embrace life in all its beauty and difficulty. The Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat just so happens to include Beth’s birthday. This experience would most certainly bolster her “yeehaw and namaste” spirit as she continues her third battle with cancer.