Meet Graceann

2020 Cancer Kickin' Cowgirl

Meet Graceann

I am writing to you smiling and a little choked up after watching a video about Cowgirls vs. Cancer. Can I just say you guys rock!

My name is Graceann. I am from Plymouth, Massachusetts and I would like to be bold and nominate myself as a candidate for your Montana retreat. I have heard the wondrous tales of your magical gift experience from a few of my girls up here in New England, and I have seen these ladies return from your fairy tale land absolutely lit up and transformed with renewed inspiration and hope to live on, no matter how much time lies ahead of us. To live our best lives! Thank you for all that you do for these women. You’re a gift wrapped in denim and leather boots!

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2007. Ten months later I lost my only Sister, Ginger, to Lung Cancer. Eleven years later, I was diagnosed again with Metastatic Breast Cancer. This crappy ass disease has now spread to my lung and pelvis.

My Sister was a horsewoman and gave me my first pony at the age of 13. My love of these animated creatures, angels wrapped in horsehair, has only continued to blossom. Here at our home, “Caseland,” we have two horses. Rolex is an Irish Draft Percheron and Drambuie a Palomino Quarter horse. They are such characters with their attitudes, personalities and outwardly affectionate routines. They make my husband Brian and I laugh out loud daily.

After my first diagnosis, I struggled to get “me” back, and being on my horse with the leather squeaking and the rustling of the leaves as my boy shuffled through them lights my heart up to this day. I love on him and chat away like he is going to turn and answer me. I always pat his rump and say “Come on Ging!” every time I saddle up.

I am determined to live my best life. I am back in the gym and making big gains, with my strength returning and surprising myself with every workout! I love yoga and don’t squeeze it in enough but I am working on that! Yoga is so relaxing, benefits my head, and helps get me out of my own way!

I would be thrilled to bring the love to Montana and inspire and support, laugh and love on a group of newly dubbed Cowgirls destined for greatness at your retreat. I will bring my best inner Cowgirl and huge hearted aura and let the magic happen.

A mix of Namaste and Giddy up!