Meet Jennifer

2020 Cancer Kickin' Cowgirl

Meet Jennifer

Nominated by her friend Julez

Jennifer is a woman, she is a mother, a daughter, a fiancée, a wonderful friend and she is a Cancer Kicking Cowgirl.

Jennifer was struck with news that came out of nowhere in July 2019. 

Jennifer is young and raising two children: a 2 year old and 4 year old. She has a thriving career working with the Hospice agency in her town. During her long, trying chemo treatments, she managed to go to work and give of herself to help others. Now she is heading into the next phase of treatment: radiation and then Tamoxifen for a decade. Somehow, she giggles and smiles and loves.

Like many of us that have been struck with this disease, Jennifer had her moments of feeling paralyzed…but she decided she would not let it run her life, and she roared through it.

Jennifer has been a best friend in so many ways, to me and many others. She has friends of all ages and is the best listener and champion of others. She never has judgment or opinion, she doesn’t gossip and is always there for you. My little lion is a golden woman.

She loves her children so fiercely and is the little engine that could. Jennifer lives in an area in central California that is the wild intrepid. Rolling hills and the rugged coastline west of her home – in fact she named her sweet loving son “West” in honor of the the sea she grew up next to. Her baby girl Coral has her spunk and feisty nature. I call West “Spy Guy” and Coral “LuLu”. They are my family for certain. Her family is so wonderful – always there when needed and giving space without asking, just knowing. Her fiancé Richie is a firefighter, so he was gone fighting fires throughout her treatment – but Jennifer just forged through at times alone and never once complained.

Jennifer is brave, and never shows anyone her tears or fears. In front of her tight knit community she hides her illness and wears her wig, puts her lashes on and represents herself as the gorgeous woman everyone one knows her to be, but in the quiet of her home she weeps and hurts.

I wish for her to meet other women who are hurting and scared and brave and confused and have a place for a few days where she can exhale. If she can feel a part of a tribe it would help to ease her soul. She can cry laugh and share all her fears and hopes with others that understand without words.

I feel she would be a gift to others of inspiration and bravery.

Jennifer, aka “ShawtyP little lion”, is so deserving of this amazing program you have created.