Meet Julie

2020 Cancer Kickin' Cowgirl

Meet Julie

Ten years ago I had a severe cervical spine injury. I had 3 cervical spine surgeries, having 3 levels of my spine fused. During that time, I was also diagnosed with Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease. Then in 2018 breast cancer kicked down my door…I had a bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction and chemotherapy…lymphedema came next and this past spring I was also diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury… and I broke my leg in three places after trying to rescue a lost dog. Really. It has been one thing after the other.

And yet…

I still love adventures. (Ask me about getting a group of breast cancer survivors to go skinny dipping this fall in broad daylight…can you say CANNON BALLS?)

I still love challenges. (Ask me about my goal of doing a Spartan Race.)

I love taking risks. (Ask me about speaking up at a cancer retreat and asking people to help me launch a business from my blog.)

My blog is called Mug Up Mermaid. To “Mug Up” is a phrase used by fishermen. It means to connect without pretense, usually over a mug of coffee. So, I’ve been sharing my story and finding a new tribe of authentic souls. I’d love to mug up in Montana, feel the heartbeat of a horse next to mine, and connect with others over our love of yoga…and there must be somewhere to skinny dip there! Yeehaw and Namaste – plus cannonballs!

My picture was taken right after skinny dipping this fall…using an outdoor shower. 

Mug love to you.