Meet Meredith

2020 Cancer Kickin' Cowgirls

Meet Meredith

Nominated by her husband David and her sister-in-law Anne

My nominee is Meredith, my sister-in-law. Meredith had both breasts removed the spring of 2017. She endured 3 months of chemo treatments and two more surgeries to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes in the fall of that year. She was declared cancer-free on Thanksgiving 2017 – she’s a survivor and she beat cancer!

That’s the bones of her story – but what I’d like to convey is her incredible spirit and attitude throughout her battle with cancer. Meredith has been nothing but inspirational, facing painful and fearful months of diagnosis, surgery and rehab. She has never complained once! And she has had plenty to complain about. That’s just Who She Is. Whenever we saw her or heard from her that year, her concern was always for others and not herself. She has always been that way; I’ve never met anyone as positive and selfless as Meredith. When I asked her about applying for this retreat she immediately said that she wouldn’t want to take the spot of someone else more deserving! Well, I’m nominating her despite her reticence, because she deserves it! And your other cowgirls deserve to know her – she will be a source of bottomless encouragement to them.

Meredith has also found yoga and horses to be an integral part of her longterm recovery. When she has visited us from Chicago she always checks to make sure I have a yoga mat on site. She has had a lifelong love for horses, and bought her own horse the summer of 2018 – fulfilling a personal dream to own and care for her own horse. She is a brilliant business woman, working as a management consultant, and began a support group for women in Chicago called Leaning Leading Learning.