Meet Patrice

2020 Cancer Kickin' Cowgirls

Meet Patrice

Nominated by her daughter Caitlin, her sister Alicia, and friends Julia & Della

My mom might not be a literal cowgirl, but hell, is she a cowgirl! She’s always held her own, rode for the brand, and been the ultimate calm in any storm. She’s fierce and a fighter and I love her for that.
I’m her oldest and I live in Billings, Montana. She absolutely loves visiting.

My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015, and has had 3 recurrences. She’s been a fighter the whole way through. She works hard to cultivate a positive mindset. Meanwhile, she’s continued working full time, visiting her kids, traveling for work, and being the main emotional support person for every social group she’s a part of. Truly, she’s the “glue” for every group around her. I do not know how she does it.My mom is an ambitious lady – a do-er and a fixer. Throughout her journey with cancer, she’s chosen to spend time learning mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. This fierce New Yorker is doing an amazing job being present, living in the moment, and living life to the fullest. Her sense of adventure is alive, well, and stronger than ever! She went to an Ariana Grande concert this spring, and a Justin Timberlake concert before that. How cool is she?! Cancer has been an amazing catalyst in helping her say “YES!” every chance she gets. And why not? Life is too short to not go to the Ariana Grande concert.

I would love nothing more than for my go-getter, hardworking, incredible connector of a Mom to have the space to slow down, be silly, and experience healing alongside a group of women going through something similar. I think this retreat would be the perfect chance for her to visit Montana, a newly special place to her, on the way enjoying time with people who can understand her journey better than any of us.