Dory Kwan

Food and Wine Chef/Educator

Food and Wine Chef/Educator

After 10 years in San Francisco, Dory realized that a career in corporate design and video was not her cup of tea. She packed up her life and traveled around the world. Wandering to wherever her heart took her, immersing herself in exotic cultures and traditions, she had to finally admit that her passion had always been…food. Quick as a wink, Dory enrolled in the California Culinary Academy where she graduated top of her class.

That was then. For the last quarter century Dory has worked as a food & wine chef/educator and healthy glycemic product developer in California’s Mendocino wine country. The Alchemy of Taste is her palate development and pairing theory workshop that teaches anyone how to taste and how to pair wines without fail. We experience this sensorial delight on our Yoga & Vineyard retreat in California.

When Dory was in middle school, her mother decided that she was going to end up in trouble if left to her own devices. At the risk of a divorce, she insisted that they lease a horse (in Okinawa!) to keep her occupied. We all know how miniscule the chances are for a kid getting hooked up with a horse if neither parent is a horse person, never mind if it’s in Japan: pretty much zilch. Dory is forever grateful to her mom. Every day, rain or shine, she went to the stables.

Since then, Dory has shared her passion with her horse crazy daughter, enjoyed horses that live to ridiculously ripe old ages, and is currently waiting to meet her next horse, who she knows is out there looking for her. She takes her horses everywhere and does everything with them: endurance rides, shows, kid’s polo, equitation, parades, dressage, jumping, pony express to the bus stop, play days, swimming, racing, and endless horse camping and bushwhacking on unknown trails. Her horse bucket list includes: ride Marwari horses in India (perfect for yoga), Andalusians in Spain, ride the hunt in the West Country, England, ride the Wadi Rum, actually…travel ride the world, run cattle, add a big black Mexican Azteca or a small, tough Criollo or Desert Arab to the herd, horseback archery, gourmet horse camp at every opportunity, study more dressage and natural horsemanship, pretty much ride until the day she dies. Think we’ll come along for that ride…

“When pairing food to wine, often times either the food or the wine benefits more from the relationship. However, there is an alchemical result when the combination of the two creates a unique, sublime taste experience, greater than food or wine alone.”

~ Dory Kwan