Molly Glenn



Molly always knew she wanted to be a teacher, so it came as no surprise to her friends and family when she became a math teacher. Her 17-year stretch teaching middle school math was followed by 12 years teaching high schoolers to “carry the one” and embrace the “square root.”

As if that weren’t challenging enough, she also coached high school girls swimming for 20 years. Talk about diving into the world of teaching head first!

Wrangling kids for nearly 30 years made her a natural fit for summer vacations in Montana, where wrangling cows was more the order of the day. When a friend introduced her to Henry (BSYR’s Head Wrangler), she knew it was a match made in big sky heaven. He loved horses (like her), kids (like her), red wine (like her), and lazy evenings on the back porch watching the sun set over the mountains (like her).

Within a few days of meeting him, Molly knew her days in the classroom were over and her new life on the ranch was about to begin. She soon retired, sold her home, moved to Montana, and got married in the summer of 2012. (Yes, she wore cowboy boots with her wedding dress.)

Over the past four years, she’s enjoyed reconnecting with horses (in her new back yard!) and concentrating on her riding again. She learned to work cows thanks to her patient equine teacher Cody, and she even rekindled her love for photography. Now, as a BSYR Wrangler, Molly combines all her loves – from horses and photography to teaching and her cowboy – as she helps women of all skill levels embrace their “inner cowgirl.” Yeehaw!