Nicole Wild

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

I get emotional any time I talk about my journey into yoga, as it holds a lot of vulnerability and power for me. I took my first yoga class somewhere around the age of 18, a very transformative point in anyone’s life. I was hungry for growth. I was hungry to get to know myself a little bit deeper. And I was hungry to find a healthy balance throughout all areas of my life – food, sleep, exercise, relationships, etc. It seemed I always bounced back and forth between over-indulging and under-indulging, and even among an incredible and supportive family, I just wasn’t happy.

In an effort to take a little bit more control over my life, I made a list of physical activities that I wanted to try. This included running, meditating, cycling, kick-boxing, yoga, and many more. Of anything on the list, I was least excited about yoga. I’m not really sure why, I just remember saying it could never be “my thing.” I enjoyed my first yoga class(es), but it certainly was not love at first sight. It took a little bit of dedication and a learning curve before I found my groove. And oh man, once I did, you couldn’t get me out of the yoga studio. I paired my yoga practice with some serious research and dedication to healthy eating, and lost over 40 pounds over the next few years. I discovered my love for reading books about the philosophical side of yoga along with a lot of Buddhist teachings. One day I realized I was healthy. I was happy. It was magical. And then it was so obvious to me that I needed to share this practice with others.

I did my first teacher training at age 21, and have been teaching for 2 ½ years now. My classes are meant to be challenging and oftentimes sweaty, but also playful and fun. I love to throw in arm balance and inversion options, and also deep stretches and restorative poses. Sometimes I bring philosophical or inspirational material to class, and sometimes I don’t. But regardless, I teach from a place of passion, and from a desire to share this practice with anyone who is hungry like I was. I am so certain that yoga is the path of my lifetime, and I’ll forever be a student to the practice myself.

My newest venture includes a blog called yoga off the mat, which is meant to be an approachable platform for people to begin connecting their practice in and out of the yoga studio.