Summer Craig

Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand

Summer was born in Michigan and moved out to Montana when she was only 11. She grew up in the Big Sky State and became a total Montana girl. Animals have always been her saving grace, even more so the animals at least 6x her size with hooves. She grew up riding but parted ways with horses when she moved to Montana (odd right?!?). The horse itch never left her and she eventually found her way back into the horse world. 

She studied at Montana State University where she earned a Sociology degree with a business administration minor. The ultimate goal is to earn her masters in Mental Health Therapy and combine that with Equine Assisted Therapy. She has always believed that horses have an amazing healing power and would love to share that with others.

Now, she has a 4 year old quarter horse that she trained herself and is working with other horses as well. You can find her tromping in the woods with her pup or cozying up with her cat. She enjoys adventures and getting out in the wild, as long as she’s had her cup of joe first (coffee addicts understand).

If you enjoy conversations about anything and everything, she’s your girl. Visit her on Instagram for a snapshot into her life and feel free to reach out to her if you’d like to know more: @summer_craig