Tera Graham

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Tera has a deep love for travel, wellness, and nature. After living in Washington and the U.S. Virgin Islands, she planted her roots in Bozeman, Montana.

She first visited Montana when she took a job as a summer spa receptionist at Big Sky Ski Resort, where she realized her love for the work could become a fulfilling career. After studying esthetics at the Aveda Institute in Seattle, Tera worked at several medical and resort spas. But, when she relocated to Bozeman, she found her true calling at massage therapy school.

From Swedish massage to deep tissue, Myofascial Release to Neuromuscular techniques, she helped people to care for their minds by caring for their bodies. She went on to take courses in reflexology, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic massage, and structural integration.

“It’s an honor to help clients alleviate acute and chronic pain, rehabilitate injuries, and reduce stress-related tension,” she says. “Whether I’m treating a specific condition or giving someone an hour of relaxation amidst an otherwise busy day, it’s an amazing opportunity.”

Tera co-owns Milk Thistle Skincare & Massage in downtown Bozeman and does massages at Winter Wonderland & Wellness and Cowgirls vs. Cancer. Plus, you can always pamper yourself with a massage at Milk Thistle before or after your retreat!