Turi Hetherington

Outdoor Yoga Instructor

Outdoor Yoga Instructor

Turi originally came to yoga to “stretch” and, like so many others, quickly learned it was about so much more. She found the teachings to be the missing piece tying (yoking) her life together – physically, mentally and spiritually.

After years of practicing yoga on and off the mat, she enrolled in a teacher training to see where the path would take her. That was seven years ago. Today Turi works with the school where she completed her 500-hour training, YogaMotion Academy in Bozeman, and enjoys holding the space for others to explore the teachings and reap the benefits of yoking together body, mind and spirit.

To further round-out her studies in holistic health, and because she loves to eat, she also studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to add Holistic Health Coach to her healthy living toolbox. Living in a society with things called food that bear little resemblance to the real thing, she knows how hard it can be to truly know what “healthy” and “all-natural” really mean.

Her training with IIN solidified her belief, and Norwegian father’s dogma, that being healthy and eating well is a lifestyle choice and an important piece of the mind-body-spirit connection. Today she is an affiliate of the organic, health and superfood company Purium, and enjoys sharing their products with others and seeing the transformation that can occur when the body is deeply nourished.

As a well-nourished yogini and quiet seeker of adventure, she often can be found at sunrise on a trail with her dog, soaking up the beauty of nature with the intention to send it back out… creating a ripple effect that leads to happier people, communities, and ultimately, happier world.

Turi heads up our winter Snowga and summer outdoor yoga program with our partner The Lark Hotel. (Visit Turi’s website.) Get outside. Feed your body well. Breathe deeply.