2012 Round Up

As we get ready to welcome 2013, I’m reflecting on the year in the rear view mirror with a look back at my fave posts on my fave topics here at Cowgirl Yoga: Montana, yoga, horses, and motherhood.

Montana: it was an unusual year for weather here. Last winter wasn’t much of a wonderland – it didn’t feel right to not have the feet of snow we are accustomed to – but we still enjoyed our new Winter Wonderland & Wellness retreat last January. The dry winter led to summer smoke and fires, and one fire that was a little too close to my house (I wrote about it in What, me worry?). Despite the not-so-great conditions, Montana still delivered; it’s impossible not to find beauty here on a daily basis, like on a Montana Moose Morning. We added another new retreat that I created to really bring together the healing effects of my favorite pastime and my favorite place – Yoga & Yellowstone. This post tells the story of why it was better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I was lucky enough to take multiple trips into YNP this year, and I pondered the reconnecting to nature/disconnecting from technology theme in Would you check email here?

Yoga: it appears that my yoga practice was challenged on a few levels this year. I attribute that to not being consistent, but I give myself credit for seeking different benefits in an ever-changing practice. It’s ok to not do the same practice day after day, year after year – and it’s ok to do other things too (Fountain of Youth: Yoga and…). Sometimes it’s hard to sort through all the yoga noise and find what resonates, as I explored in What’s your yoga story? And I will confess to giving in to my Naughty ego on the mat once in awhile. Lastly, my favorite answer to the question why I ❤ yoga goes to Yoga: the ultimate tune-up, for a lifetime of mileage. 

Horses: horses continue to fuel my dreams, and some of my experiences this year took on a dream-like quality as shown in A Midsummer’s bareback dream and Bareback lotus. My horse Dude Boy is part of the equation that adds up to All I need: my kid, my horse, my yoga mat. I pursued my dream of finding a Tennessee Walking Horse, and noticed how much the search for a horse feels like dating. I experienced love lost when Dream Horse #2 turned out to be more Hyde than Jekyll and I had to leave him at the altar; but I believe I’ve finally found true TWH love, as my new boy arrived just before Thanksgiving. His CY introduction is forthcoming (after I make sure it’s really love).

Motherhood: I expressed multiple times that I wish my daughter could have stayed in 1st grade forever. Of course she didn’t, and is now in the throes of 2nd grade, and I’m realizing that I love it just as much as 1st. I still wish she wouldn’t grow up so fast, but I enjoy seeing her blossom. This year marked deeper shared experiences for us, now that she is old enough to go on trail rides, do more yoga, as seen in Yoga with Mom (she’s also attended some of my classes!), and even help out on retreats. Sharing the things I love with someone I love more than anything is what memories and motherhood are made of.

Wishing you much health and happiness in the New Year. Yeehaw & Namaste.