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We’ve all experienced the “vacation hangover,” where you spend the final day of your trip dreading your return to reality. Well, ladies, life is too short! Our retreats are designed to build your energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm for life every day — and give you so much extra that you return home with more pep in your (boot-clad) step than when you left. Want more proof? Check out our gallery of (older but still) good memories – we’ve been doing this since 2008! – and newsroom.

Paparazzi? Yes, please!

It’s not easy being famous (just kidding). We’re tickled pink to be recognized by how many global publications and news outlets give us glowing yoga retreat reviews.

  • Words and pictures could never capture the beauty and serenity of Montana, Yellowstone, and the B Bar Ranch.

    Erica, Yoga & Yellowstone

  • These days, I feel so tethered to my phone, email, and Facebook that it's hard to stop and "smell the roses.” But with a canopy of stars, miles of gorgeous mountains, and unobstructed views, I was able to reconnect with nature on this trip. I will definitely be back for more Big Sky Yoga!

    Erica, Yoga & Yellowstone

  • Yoga and Vineyard was my third Big Sky Yoga Retreat, so I had high expectations. Based on the itinerary and venue photos, alone, I knew that it was going to be an incredible weekend. It turned out to be more than I even expected—the best retreat yet!

    Amanda, Yoga & Vineyard

  • Every time that I attend one of Margaret's retreats, I meet amazing women and leave with more friends.

    Amanda, Yoga & Vineyard

  • From the incredible goody bags to the beautiful dinner table decorations, the yoga practices to our accommodations at The Madrones, the wine tastings to the food, every detail was perfect. It was very apparent how much love went into planning the weekend.

    Amanda, Yoga & Vineyard

  • Beautiful accommodations and some of the most informative and wonderful yoga I've ever done. Plus, butt-kicking hikes with gorgeous views. Every moment of the retreat was exactly what I was looking for!

    Lisa, Yoga & Hiking

  • As women, we tend to spend a lot of our time taking care of everyone around us – it was such a gift to have time to take care of ourselves.

    Amy, Yoga & Hiking

  • I love the beauty of Montana—the vast physical space between earth and sky that’s punctuated by powerful mountains. For all the drama of the landscape, its inhabitants are the most genuine and open-hearted I've had the pleasure of meeting.

    Jessica, Yoga & Hiking

  • My mom and I had decided that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to experience together, but after the weekend, realized we wanted to make it an annual affair! We are both better wives, mothers, and friends because of it.

    Amy, Yoga & Hiking

  • Many people will tell you that they feel most spiritual when they’re in nature. Others will tell you it's when they are in meditation or yoga. For me, it's all of the above—and was combined in a powerful weekend. Add to that great friends and gourmet food, and the weekend reached great heights.

    Christine, Yoga & Hiking

  • I’m still basking in the afterglow of my time in Montana and am so grateful for the time away and the new friends I made. This retreat provided the perfect opportunity to step away from the stress of everyday life and experience true rejuvenation and rest in the beautiful mountains of Montana.

    Amy, Yoga & Hiking

  • Days before I left for Montana, I was in the emergency room with chest pains. I desperately needed to connect with peace and joy and create a new beginning. The cardiologist gave me the green light to go on the retreat; he said it would do me good. It certainly did.

    Rachel, Yoga & Hiking

  • I came back with a clearer mind and perspective on life as a whole. This retreat jump-started something significant inside me.

    Raquel, Yoga & Hiking

  • This retreat celebrates, strengthens and nurtures the female spirit and deep relationships. I'm sure I would never have learned about such a thing, or identified the longing for it, without my experiences on Big Sky Yoga Retreats.

    Jessica, Yoga & Hiking

  • I would recommend this trip to any woman looking to discover something new about herself. I stepped outside my comfort zone, let myself truly relax, challenged myself physically, and had an all-around amazing time.

    Lisa, Yoga & Hiking

  • World class hiking in gorgeous Big Sky country, expert yoga instruction, fantastic food prepared by the endlessly talented Chef Kate—this is an amazing retreat. Margaret has created a space and experience that is fun, empowering, and nurturing. I feel so fortunate to be one of the dozen women—of diverse ages, places, and life experiences—who gathered to share it all.

    Lily, Yoga & Hiking

  • The combination of yoga and hiking was outstanding. My only complaint is that the time went by too quickly!

    Abi, Yoga & Hiking

  • I met amazing women, discovered the joys of hiking, and enjoyed fun and restorative yoga in a breathtaking setting. I am truly inspired to incorporate more of these self-care practices into my daily life.

    Amy, Yoga & Hiking

  • The Winter Wonderland Retreat was the best gift I’ve ever given myself. The food, ranch, workshops, staff, and fellow retreaters were fantastic and exceeded all my expectations.

    Jennifer, Winter Wonderland & Wellness

  • A rustically elegant, top-notch, tough-love yoga retreat in a majestic setting. The attention to detail is exquisite – high-quality linens and lodging, gourmet food, engaging workshop presenters – plus time to enjoy the good company. I’m still incorporating the teachings from this weekend into my life.

    Mindy, Winter Wonderland & Wellness

  • Do something good for your soul and well-being. Book the Winter Wonderland Wellness Retreat. You won’t regret it.

    Katie, Winter Wonderland & Wellness

  • Previous vacations have left me with a fleeting sense of refreshment, but my time in Montana soaked into my core and has given me lasting peace.

    Jessica, LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

  • Big Sky Yoga Retreats nourishes your mind, body, and soul – the way a vacation is meant to be. And Montana is the paradisiacal host for such an experience.

    Lori, LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

  • My mind is forever going over my to-do list. But, in Montana, I was there to learn and absorb. I didn’t have to do anything but be in the present moment.

    Shelley, LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

  • The rich smell of freshly-oiled leather, the gentle nickering of horses, their velveteen muzzles—it was heaven on earth as I grew up. But after college, riding faded to make way for a career, grad school, and ‘more important things.’ Yet, the ‘me in my mind’ still wore dusty, butter-soft cowboy boots, jeans, and straw hats. She was independent, adventurous, and brave. I found her again in Montana.

    Nicole, LUXE Cowgirl Yoga

  • Montana is the perfect place to do some soul searching. I came to LUXE Cowgirl Yoga physically and emotionally drained from a difficult life transition, but those days at the Double T River Ranch re-energized me. I walked away with my cup full of possibility.

    Kathleen, LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

  • Montana might be the only place on earth with a sky big enough to nurture the spirit of a Cowgirl Yogini.

    Lori, LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

  • From the moment I arrived in Montana, I was in love—overwhelmed by the warmth and acceptance of the humans and horses on the retreat. Reconnecting with and healing my spirit through yoga, meditation, and horse time felt like coming home.

    Lori, LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

  • We came together to enjoy nature, learn about the creative process, and grow confident in using our cameras. I walked away with all of that but so much more.

    Erin, Cowgirl Yogatography

  • I came away from this weekend in a state of catharsis. The yoga opened my heart, the meditation opened my mind, the horses fostered new ways of communicating, and the photography provided a creative outlet that captured the entire integrated experience in some amazing images, reconciling pieces of me that I did not even know were broken. And for that I am forever grateful.

    Erin, Cowgirl Yogatography

  • I came to B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga seeking emotional and spiritual relief, and I found so much more. The graceful horses and amazing women I met helped heal my weary soul, and I left a far better version of myself.

    Leila, B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

  • Everywhere I looked was full of greenery and splendor. From the lush green meadows to the 360-degree mountains, fields of wildflowers to babbling creeks, the B Bar felt warm and inviting from day one.

    Leila, B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga™

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Picture Perfect Paradise

There’s a reason Paradise Valley is located in Montana. Our retreaters experience more wildlife, nature, outdoor activities, and boot-stompin’ good times* with Big Sky Yoga Retreats than anywhere else! Take a peek through our photo gallery to see the kind of adventure, pampering, and community you’re in for.

*Unlimited horse kisses also included, free of charge.