Our Herd

Meet the Cowgirl Yoga™ Horses

Beauty and Grace (and Humor) Personified

Meet the core members of our Cowgirl Yoga herd (affectionately known as our “yoga horses”). We integrate three of our own horses (Java, Skywalker, and Atlas) into Cowgirl Yoga Equine Coaching, and you’ll meet our partner herds at 9 Quarter Circle Ranch on Dude Ranch Cowgirl Yoga, and at Estancia Los Potreros on Cowgirl Yoga Argentina.

Never tried a yoga horseback riding retreat before? Combining these activities isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Horses have the unique ability to mirror our balance, breath, and spirit. Horses are “moving yoga mats” on which we can align our bodies and energies. Horses are graceful, forgiving teachers, and we have much to learn from them. 

Meet Our Herd

  • Criollos & Peruvian Pasos
    Partner Herd Argentina

    Sure-footed and tough criollos. Energetic and smooth gaited Peruvian Paso horses. The herd of over 130 horses at Estancia Los Potreros provides something for everyone. #gallopwithgauchos

  • Appaloosas
    Partner Herd Montana

    Almost all horses in the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch herd are Appaloosas, specifically chosen for stamina, temperament, beauty, and surefootedness. #appyskick@ss #myfavoritecolorisspotted

  • Rocky Mountain

    A stunning Roman nose led to his name. He can hold the weight of the world on his back too. Loves people. Affectionately nicknamed "Chocolate Butt". #gloriousgait

  • Tennessee Walking Horse
    Java Bean

    The equine equivalent of an "extra shot please" Starbucks order, Java pairs giddy-up-and-go with an ultra-smooth gait. Unabashedly vain in front of the camera. #sassandclass

  • Tennessee Walking Horse

    Whoa, buddy! This Tennessee Walking Horse is one tall drink of water. BSYR's resident "Black Beauty," Skywalker is gorgeous inside and out. #sexyandsophisticated

The Humans Behind the Horses

Along with our equine partners, the Big Sky Yoga Retreat team works hard to ensure your experience is everything you dreamed of—and much more. Meet the folks behind the yoga horseback riding retreats you know and love!