Our Approach

"Bootique" Women's Yoga Retreats

A New Twist on the Old West

We believe all women are powerful. We believe all women are beautiful. We believe all women contribute to the world. We believe all women are nurturing. We believe all women deserve to be nurtured, too.

That’s why every one of our “Bootique” retreats feature small groups, inspiring community, outdoor experiences, and safe spaces where you can be your authentic self—whether you’re on a yoga mat, horse, or hiking trail.

Friendships Forged

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between, you need community. We all do. One of our favorite things is seeing life-long friendships forged in only a few days. Many women book retreats solo, but they never feel alone. Deep conversations, shared experiences, and a warm welcome from our community ensure you have everything you need to be the best version of yourself.

What You Will Find

  • Community: Traveling alone? Coming with friends? No problem! Our small group style brings warm, fun, unforgettable, and inspiring women together.
  • Healthy Living: From daily yoga classes to horseback riding, hiking, and spa treatments, we offer a variety of active retreat styles focused on physical and mental health.
  • Down Time: If you wanted every moment of your life scheduled, you’d stay home! We build in breaks for you to rest and recharge, and all activities are optional.
  • Safe Space: Come as you are. Bring all your baggage (literally and figuratively). We support, encourage, and connect with each person individually.
  • Inspiration: Every destination, every activity, and (yep!) every gourmet meal is designed to nourish body and soul.

What You Won't Find

  • Cliques: Everyone is welcome, and we lead by example. Attendees (especially solo travelers) feel like part of the mix from day oneand every day after.
  • Roughing It: Our luxe retreats leave little to be desired, and you’ll feel pampered every time you sit down to dinner, step onto your mat, and fall into bed at night.
  • Buses & Busyness: Say goodbye to retreats with 60 people, smelly tour buses, and jam-packed agendas. You’re here to relax and reinvigorate, and we design every day to help you do just that.
  • Autopilots: Every member of our team genuinely wants to be here. We give 110% at each retreat because we’ve seen the transformation that’s possible in just one week.
  • Comparisons: Yoga is for Every Body, and you don’t need to be a Lululemon model to fit in with us.

Leaders in Healthy Living

This ain’t our first rodeo. The Big Sky Yoga Retreats team is united by years of experience in teaching yoga and leading retreats, and a love for healthy living and travel. Each member of our staff brings unbridled (pun intended) passion, enthusiasm, and heart to every retreat. We’re here to make sure your experience is everything you hoped for – and more.

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Upcoming Retreats

Check out the calendar to see when your desired retreat is running – and reserve your spot. Retreats typically sell out, often several months in advance. So, stake your claim now!