Dude Ranch Cowgirl Yoga™

Yoga & Horseback Riding Retreat in Big Sky, Montana

Where Yeehaw Meets Namaste

If you’ve been yearning for more space – mental space to think, physical space to move, and spiritual space to reconnect with nature, Dude Ranch Cowgirl Yoga™ is for you. This retreat is designed to deepen your yoga practice, realign your body, steady your mind, and explore the magical horse-human connection in and out of the saddle.

SOLD OUT! September 15-20, 2024

Single cabin (private bath) – $5,495 per person – SOLD OUT

Single Cabin Room (shared bath) – $5,295 per person – SOLD OUT
Double Cabin Room (2 people, 1 room, shared bath) – $4,995 per person – SOLD OUT
*Double Cabin Room must be booked by 2 people, not individually

Email margaret@bigskyyogaretreats.com to be added to the wait list!

Warrior One with a Touch of Wild West

Dude Ranch Cowgirl Yoga™ is a 5-night women’s retreat that welcomes yoginis and riders of all levels to experience an authentic dude ranch, under Montana’s legendary Big Sky. Spend your days practicing yoga and engaging in good ‘ol fashioned cowgirl camaraderie with our equine partners, both in and out of the saddle.

You’ll have full-run of the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch, a family-owned western oasis surrounded by 2 million acres of national forest surround this ranch sited at 7,000 feet, making it an ideal place to experience a world of contrasts as you explore the connection between yoga and riding to improve not only your saddle skills, but also your overall wellbeing.

After three square meals of gourmet delights, and all the down dogs and horse nuzzles you can handle, settle in for a glass of wine, great conversation around the campfire, and a breathtaking canopy of stars overhead.

On This Retreat, You'll Enjoy:

Cozy Cabin Lodging

Spend five nights in rustic-chic accommodations at the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch. Cozy up in cabins built from timbers sourced right from the ranch. Genuine log construction on the outside cedes to comfortable insides complete with quilts and furniture handmade on the ranch.

Daily Yoga Classes

Build body awareness and openness that prepare you for horseback riding (and life)—with a special focus on the back, hips, and core, the center of the body's energy. We'll enjoy a yoga buffet of vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, and yoga nidra.

Cowgirl Yoga™ 101

Explore the mind-body-horse connection, through yoga and equine coaching sessions. Our horse time will be both in and out of the saddle—this is more than a riding retreat!

Horseback Riding

Make new equine BFFs with the 9 Quarter Circle Appaloosas, a breed chosen for stamina, sweet temperament, and suitability to mountain trekking. Beginners can enjoy the trails at an easy pace, while more advanced riders may take in the scenery at the trot and canter. Translate your yoga-inspired balance and calm into improved horsemanship with top-notch trail riding up to twice daily (if desired).

Gourmet Meals & Wines

Savor Western gourmet meals prepared by our private chef, to satisfy your cowgirl cravings and maintain your energy. Plus, enjoy a selection of horse-themed wines with dinner, and local beers like Moose Drool (trust us!).

Meditation & Journaling

Daily guided meditations with (and inspired by) the horses, and journaling exercises specifically designed for Cowgirl Yoginis.

Explore Your Creative Side

Coloring books, sketch pads and art supplies will be on hand for your enjoyment. There will also be a happy hour mala making workshop.

Cowgirl Yoga Photos

The most fun you'll ever have getting your picture taken! Dress up Cowgirl Yoga style and pose alongside the horses, and let Yogatographer Larry Stanley capture that yoga and horses glow.
(*at additional cost)

  • Our week at Dude Ranch Cowgirl Yoga filled my adventure-seeking soul and soothed my always too-active mind. The mix of peaceful early morning and evening yoga and meditations combined with thrilling, skill-building trail rides embodied the “Where Yeehaw Meets Namaste” motto I have come to embrace. All set in the vast splendor of Montana at a 3rd generation ranch that raises Appaloosas. With each hoof step, heartbeat, and downward dog, I felt the sacred connection to the land. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

    Julie Ann, Maine

  • Fun, freedom, friendship, nature…yes, please! Come to nourish your soul. Come to participate vigorously or to just be. Margaret and her team do the research, planning and insightful execution. They know the land, the horses, the yoga, the ins and the outs. Cowgirl Yoga is always tweaking and improving the portfolio of options, but the constant with every retreat is Margaret’s guiding hand, helping you root into what’s real and explore where you are and where you're going. Come alone or come with friends. You will be welcome. Just pack your bags!

    Gail, Wisconsin

  • Thank you for organizing an amazing week...The venue was perfect, the women real, and all of the thoughtfully choreographed activities - meaningful, thought-provoking and all-around wonderful. Thank you for re-introducing me to horses - these strong, sensitive, intuitive animals that certainly touched my heart. I'm so grateful I got to experience Montana with you and Caitlin.

    Heidi , Indiana

  • The Dude Ranch Cowgirl Yoga retreat was incredible, and the life reset was exactly what I needed. I will never forget my round pen session with Eclipse: how he chose me and the love he expressed - just magical. Our hearts and souls connected. He read my energy and intuitively knew how to help me heal. So much gratitude and love to this gorgeous gelding who lives an authentic equine life and is a wild horse 8 months of the year.

    Sandy, New Jersey

  • Words cannot express the gratitude and peace I felt following our Dude Ranch Yoga retreat. This experience was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. The calming Yin yoga and hours spent riding have soothed my soul in ways nothing else has; the bonds with the women I’ve met will last a lifetime. Thank you Margaret, for creating another truly amazing experience!

    Shawna, Pennsylvania

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9 Quarter Circle Ranch

Experience a Montana dude ranch between West Yellowstone and Bozeman where you’ll slip into comfort better than the best worn pair of cowboy boots.

Travel Planning

Travel is not included in your retreat cost, and you’ll need to rent a car for this retreat (or ask us to be connected with other attendees who are driving). The retreat begins at 4 PM on Sunday and wraps up around noon on Friday.

Trip FAQs

Wondering about payment schedules, cancellation policies, or what to pack? Check out our frequently asked questions to learn everything you need to know before booking a retreat.