Our Team

Downward Dog-Loving Outdoor Enthusiasts

Learn from leaders in healthy living

From wranglers to yoga instructors, chefs to photographers, the Big Sky Yoga Retreat team is united by a love for healthy living and outdoor fitness. Each member of our staff brings unbridled (pun intended) passion, enthusiasm, and heart to every retreat. We’re here to make sure your experience is everything you hoped for – and more.

Meet Our Team

  • Founder & Boss Mare
    Margaret Burns Vap

    Big Apple fashionista turned Big Sky entrepreneur who infuses her love of yoga, motherhood, and Montana into her retreats. Will work for lattes.

  • Wrangler
    Molly Glenn

    Molly traded her classroom for the corral in 2012 after she moved to Montana, got hitched to Henry, and combined her lifelong loves – teaching and horses.

  • Yoga Instructor
    Margaret Elliott

    Margaret E., like Margaret B.V., traded the east coast for Montana and hasn't looked back.

  • Head Wrangler
    Henry Glenn

    Soft-spoken head honcho who spent his youth plowing fields behind a team of horses. Believes equines will do just about anything you ask – once you learn to speak their language.

  • Massage Therapist
    Tera Graham

    Uncanny ability to drop the blood pressure of everyone with her gentle spirit. Massage Therapist and proud co-owner of Milk Thistle Skincare & Massage in Bozeman, MT.

  • Outdoor Yoga Instructor
    Turi Hetherington

    Holistic Health Coach, Yogini, Montana mama, and quiet seeker of adventure.

  • Culinary Educator
    Dory Kwan

    Scorpion eater, saber fencer, secret coconut developer, cellist, and all around taste bud wrangler. Dory proves that horses and yoga will pair perfectly with every wine.

  • Private Chef
    Kate Huston

    Believes food has the power to nourish body and soul. Personal chef at BSY Retreats who crafts culinary creations that make your mouth water and ask for seconds.

  • Yoga Instructor
    Caitlin Kelly

    Mala maker, accidental yogini, and lover of all-things-Big-Sky. Teaches elementary school Physical Education and coaches in Philly, but her heart belongs in Montana.

  • Yoga Instructor
    Lisa Laird

    Yogini. Hiker. Dancer. Lisa’s infectious smile and laughter make her a favorite with retreat attendees. Teaches Vinyasa and BYOW restorative yoga (“bring your own wine”).

  • Ranch Hand
    Nicole Ross

    Head Coach at Creative Quarterback, aspiring novelist, horse lover, recovering kickboxer, and chronic hobbyist. Called people “dude” long before she moved to Montana.

  • Yogatographer
    Larry Stanley

    Hunter-gatherer of moments. “Cowgirl Glam” Yogatographer for Cowgirl Yoga and Cowgirls vs. Cancer and celebrated Montana Wedding Photographer.

  • Yogatographer
    Jennie Lynn Stanley

    Between her photography background and her graduate counseling classes, don't be surprised when Jennie Lynn makes you feel beautiful inside and out.

  • Yoga Instructor
    Nicole Wild

    Bozeman native, rooftop yogini and wedding photographer. Ask her about pistol squats, which just might become the official Cowgirl Yoga pose.

  • Director of Crafts, Giggles & Hugs
    Morgane Vap

    Avid ski racer, cowgirl, ‘field surfer,’ and craft guru. Loves helping ‘the ladies’ on retreats, playing with her English Mastiff Lili, and riding her TWH Skywalker.

Our Equine Partners

Speaking of supporters who make it all possible, we’d love to introduce you to our big-hearted Cowgirl Yoga herd.