Morgane Vap

Horse Hand & Equine Coaching Assistant

Horse Handler, Equine Coach & future Psychologist

Morgane was not even two years old when her family moved to Montana, so she’s had the extremely good fortune to grow up riding horses and skiing. She has helped her mom on retreats since she can remember, and was particularly inspired by the equine coaching component. She has a natural gift with her horse “brothers”, and teaches riding and horse-womanship to a few lucky Bozeman kids. Her high school senior project is on equine therapy for neurodiverse children.

She’s had the opportunity to travel around the world with her parents, including the UK, Europe, Iceland, Japan, and South America for Cowgirl Yoga & Hiking Patagonia. Back home in Bozeman, she’s a member of the Big Sky ski racing team and trains in Austria during the off season, helps her mom with retreats, and enjoys caring for her feline ‘brother’ Leo and the Vap equine herd – Java, Skywalker, and Atlas.

Morgane will graduate from high school in May 2024, and will pursue Psychology studies – possibly combined with animal behavior – at university in the fall.