Big Sky Yoga Retreats Schedule

We meet so many women on our retreats who wish they would have joined us for a yoga retreat sooner. They put it off because they felt it was never “the right time” or that they didn’t deserve a solo trip solely for their own wellbeing. As women, we’re natural caregivers and instinctively put others’ needs first. But, only by stepping back to focus on your own physical and mental health can you truly be at your best for your loved ones. Join us for our retreats in Argentina, France, Sicily or Montana and see for yourself!

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

  • Summer 2024

    Soul Shift: Personalized equine coaching sessions in Montana

  • September 15-20, 2024

    Dude Ranch Cowgirl Yoga: Awaken your inner cowgirl on the mat and on the trail.

  • October 5-12, 2024

    LUXE Yoga, Hiking & Spa French Alps: Pamper yourself with this très bien trio.

  • December 7-14, 2024

    Cowgirl Yoga, Costa Rica style. Our deepest dive into yoga and horses yet. Pura Vida!

  • March 1-9, 2025

    Cowgirl Yoga™ Argentina: Yoga and horseback riding at a traditional Cordoba estancia.