Caitlin Kelly

Yoga Retreat Leader

Yoga Retreat Leader

If she were an author she’d be more of a Virginia Woolf than a Stephanie Meyer. The ambient music is spot on, sometimes even a bit spooky. The flow is always one of dipping you in, allowing you to unwind, untether, and let go of the day, ending with a light reawakening of the senses. Her tone actually feels like a guided meditation off YouTube. She seems to breathe yoga. I bet yoga actually flows Caitlin. Whether you are dealing with Injury, PTSD, or just emotions, Caitlin’s yin has got my vote.
– James K

I was visiting and love trying out new studios when I travel. I loved the whole vibe of this place, cozy and calm. And Caitlin’s class and flow were top notch, one of the best stretchy, calming slow flow I’ve taken! She is amazing at what she does.
– Amanda

Caitlin is Big Sky Yoga Retreats’ Co-Pilot and Retreat Leader. She grew up outside of Philadelphia PA, where her yoga journey began with a Mom who practiced long before yoga was “cool”. Caitlin finally joined her mom in high school, and never looked back, becoming certified at the age of 21 in Jivamukti-style Vinyasa. 

As a Health & PE teacher in Inner City Philadelphia, Caitlin used yoga and mindfulness to help her elementary students learn and grow through movement and breath, and implemented them in traditional exercise and games. In working with those students and the people of Philadelphia in public yoga classes, she saw the need for a more gentle approach to movement. 

Along with her own struggles with anxiety, and the need to slow down in a fast paced world filled with messages to “push” and “move”, she shifted her teaching focus to stillness, steadiness, softness and breath. These are the gifts she brings to Big Sky Yoga Retreats.  

Caitlin studied Yin Yoga, restorative movement, yoga for recovery and trauma informed movement and meditation, and completed over 400 hours of training between 2012-2015. Now her specialty is in intuitive movement, the philosophy of yin and yang, feeling the body, and rest. 

Caitlin came to Montana in 2013 to attend a Big Sky Yoga Retreat. She fell in love with the retreat model and Margaret’s philosophy on rest, women connecting and the concept of Self Care. Caitlin has been with BSYR ever since. She is now a Bozeman resident! 

Caitlin teaches yoga, leads mala-making workshops, and offers Reiki sessions on retreat.

“It’s an honor to share my experience and love for yoga and meditation with people who open their hearts and minds to the practice,” she says.

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