Montana Malas


Guest post by Caitlin, B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga teacher 

A set of mala beads, like the mala necklaces we will make on the B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga retreats this July, are traditionally made of a mix of semi precious stones and wood beads, with a total of 108 beads. Malas are used in meditation as a way to keep track of mantras or breaths, and creating your own mala adds such a special uniqueness.

Cowgirl Yoga is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for some, Montana feels like home the first time you step foot off the plane. Sometimes you end up loving it so much that you keep going back every year just to soak up the beauty, the air, the STARS, to refresh your body and mind and be immersed in nature (and consider moving there each time!). I am so grateful for my Montana summers and the chance to escape the rush of city life in Philadelphia.

I started making malas in 2013 as a way to calm my nerves, do something creative and try something new. I was amazed to find that stringing each bead, breathing as I went sent me into a state of deep meditative relaxation. I brought the first mala I ever made to Montana 5 years ago. I wore it on my entire Cowgirl Yoga trip, and I can still feel it vibrating with Montana energy every time I wear it.

Such a powerful image of retreat connection between cowgirl yoginis, wearing our freshly crafted malas.

Creating your own personalized mala under the Montana sky, and using it to meditate with or just keep next to your mat as you practice is wonderfully healing. We will sit in a circle of women, discuss the meanings and uses of mala beads, choose stones that call to us, and talk, meditate and spend time together (while enjoying the most delicious snacks and wines). Keep that energy with you around your neck, on your wrist or in your pocket when you travel home to always be reminded of the peace of Montana.