An après-yoga shoe? Yes, by Ahnu!

Let’s shift out of yoga musings into a little Friday frivolity…inspired by fashion, and – a new, après-yoga shoe. While I am simultaneously attracted to and skeptical of an après-yoga shoe (I mean, aren’t any shoes après-yoga?), I’m impressed with the company Ahnu, so I decided to give the Karmas a whirl…because this active slip on offers style and comfort without compromising any aspect of yoga-chic. And because the last thing I need is to have my yoga-chicness compromised.

And…I adore them. It’s a seamless transition to slip them off for yoga class, practice barefoot, and then slip them back on après-yoga. They are as light and airy as a shoe can be (read: they don’t make my feet sweat). They look good. And although I thought I was taking a chance on the plum color, I’m finding that it goes with almost everything. Plum is the new black for spring.
I’ve already admitted to being highly brand-aware, so I always do a little poking around company philosophy. It’s one thing to use “balance” as a marketing buzzword, but quite another to name your company after the Celtic goddess that embodies the balance between well-being and prosperity. Very nice. From their website: The choice is both deliberate and appropriate, as we balance work and play, as well as business goals with social and environmental responsibility. Read about how Ahnu gives back on their webpage titled Greater Good.
So I say, if you’re looking to en-lighten up with a dash of yoga-chic, and support a company that holds do-gooding dear, grab a pair of Ahnu Karmas. I had to try them in a few yoga poses too. Happy Friday!