Back-to-back Inspiration

We’ve settled into September and I haven’t blogged yet?? Ouch. We’ve had back-to-back retreats. Which for me, is back-to-back inspiration. I have a little lull now, before we move into our last retreats of the 2013 season. A little time to pause and reflect, and enjoy the shift from summer into fall.

I get to meet the most amazing women on our retreats; I get to see them blossom under the Big Sky while being served up yoga, time outdoors, and healthy food. I get to be part of that magic mix. I fall in love with them before I even meet them, when I read over the questionnaires we ask them to complete about themselves. I look forward to seeing old friends that keep coming back, and making new ones. I once again marvel that the thread that weaves us all together is yoga.

I’ve been asked quite a few times why our retreats are for women only. As much as we love the men in our lives, there is something undeniable about the power of women coming together to nurture themselves. It unleashes goodness. It doesn’t seem to matter our ages, backgrounds, marital status, jobs –  what matters is the palpable change that occurs when we share this experience together. It’s proof that powerful changes can happen in a short period of time together. As one of our recent retreaters put it: I feel so fortunate to be one of the dozen women—of diverse ages, places, and life experiences—who gathered to share an experience that is fun, empowering and nurturing. This season I’ve brought my 8 year old daughter for at least a day on most retreats. On one of the weekends that the two of us left early, she burst into tears in the car: But Mom, I don’t want to go home! I didn’t get enough time with the ladies! She already understands the importance of girl time.

Women, yoga, nature, Yellowstone, horses, food that tastes good and makes you feel good. Laughter, tears, sore muscles, a little (ok, sometimes a lot) of vino, finishing each other’s sentences, deep breathing. It’s a heady brew that I wish I could bottle and sip when I need inspiration. 

Change is in the air, along with fall. My favorite season brings fresh inspiration with it. I’m about to give our retreats a makeover, with the goal of making our blend even better. Another recent retreater wrote to thank me for “the platform to be an explorer”. How lucky am I that I get to both provide and participate in that opportunity to explore. A Big Sky-sized thank you to all our Cowgirl Yoginis, Hiker Yoginis and Yellowstone Yoginis, for being my inspiration. Namaste.