Bird Yoga

Tomorrow may be the first day of spring, but in typical Montana fashion, we are in the midst of one of the biggest snowstorms we’ve had all season. Since the rest of the country is experiencing some ultra warm spring weather, seems like good timing to share my latest on the Athleta Chi – Spread Your Wings with Spring Yoga, inspired by birds.

Birdsong – a sound of spring. So to greet the coming season on the mat, how about incorporating some asanas inspired by birds into your yoga routine? Like their namesakes, some poses are graceful, like bird of paradise, and some are powerful, like rooster. Even if we can’t fly, we can add flexibility, strength and a touch of grace through these asanas.

Birds and their ability to fly were infused with spiritual meaning in ancient times. In Hindu mythology, birds were symbols of the soul and the form it took in between earthly lives. Certain birds were also the vehicles of the gods; for example, Garuda the eagle is often depicted carrying Vishnu. It’s not surprising that many yoga poses were inspired by birds.
While the pigeon may not be anyone’s favorite bird, it’s many yogis’ favorite pose, myself included. And there are so many different ways to work on eka pada raja kapotasana – I included my recent faves in this tutorial, including the one pictured here.
Be a bird! Spread your wings, and stretch and strengthen your muscles. Happy Spring from snowy Montana.