Birthday Girl

The most important person in my life turned four years old last Thursday, and we spent all weekend celebrating at the Holland Lake Lodge. It was the perfect place with the most perfect Montana weather, and much fun was had by all…but lest you think my life is just perfect, you should know that I came home to utter chaos chez Vap, including dogs that ate themselves sick at the dog sitting place where they spent their weekend away…Lola looks like a large football. Everything is a tradeoff, right? The birthday girl checked out nesting robins, hiked to Holland Falls, collected rocks in the lake, and this is the real icing on the birthday cake – caught her first fish. While canoeing on the lake, we stopped for Morgane to try out her new fishing pole; husband cast it a few times, handed it to her to reel in, and within moments she was bringing in a lake trout. What a thrill for her, and a reminder to us that she is a charmed child. After all, husband usually sits there all day fishing without a single bite.

As a blog birthday wish to Morgane, here are some pix of her that capture the spirit of our weekend. More in the next few days on outdoor yoga, beautiful beargrass and Montana’s Swan Valley. Happy Summer!