Birthday Girl

Three years ago today my little girl was born. It was the day my life utterly and completely changed forever. We’ve all heard that before with regards to parenthood, right? for better and for worse. I’ll keep it simple by saying that being a mom has opened me to the ability to live in the present – after all those years on the yoga mat, it was giving birth that finally caused the light bulb to go off in my head. Thank you Morgane for this precious gift. I enjoy the constant balancing act of being a mom, a yogini and everything in between, and the many lessons these experiences teach me. 

The other week, I had promised Morgane we’d go see the horses after I picked her up from school. When I forgot and headed in the other direction, she reminded me that this was non-negotiable. We walked in front of every stall at the barn, addressing each horse with a personalized hello. When we were getting back in the car, Morgane said, “I feel so much better now”. Take a moment today to honor Morgane on her birthday by honoring your own need to live in the moment and feel “so much better” by doing so.