Carousel Christmas

In Missoula with my husband’s family for Christmas and it’s been snowing since we arrived on Sunday…this morning we opened presents while it continued to come down, and I was thinking it doesn’t get much better than this. I’ve spent the last few days doing things I don’t normally do: not rushing around or worrying about where I have to run to next, carousel riding with Morgane, watching tv (yesterday I watched James Bond movies all afternoon), and Bikram yoga. It’s been a delicious and different blend. 

The other day we stopped off at Morgane’s fave place here, the Missoula carousel. It’s this gorgeous, colorful creation of hand-carved wooden horses that move to the music of an organ. And it also goes really fast. On this snowy day, we were the only ones there – what a treat! For each of our 3 rides, Morgane was thrilled beyond belief to pick a new horse. As we rode around and around and her joy only seemed to grow, it occurred to me that these are the moments we live for. A private carousel ride with my daughter, beaming with joy, going round and round without having to worry about getting anyplace or accomplishing anything. Why it is so hard sometimes to stop what we are doing and give ourselves this kind of gift? The sort that really keeps on giving? 
I wish you and your family many of these moments now and in the year to come. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, all the best in whatever you celebrate this time of year.