I’m going to end the month on a frivolous note. February has been less than fabulous, but I have high hopes for March. I’m going to blame the chihuahuas. Lately, when my 4 year old daughter does something she knows she’s not supposed to – like, throw something, yell loudly, any general unpleasantness – she tells me it wasn’t her, it was the chihuahuas. I’m not sure where this technique came from, as we don’t have chihuahuas nor do we know anyone that does. Sometimes the chihuahuas come in the car with us, or to the grocery store, with Morgane carefully leading them around. There seem to be about five or so (it’s hard to keep track of invisible chihuahuas). The chihuahuas are most useful as scapegoats. It’s pretty hard not to dissolve into a fit of giggles when Morgane blames them for any naughtiness. And perhaps she’s on to something…it makes things seem a bit less dramatic if you blame it all on the chihuahuas.