Chillin with Yoga

There’s something in the air that’s got me all wound up. Not in a bad way, but I can tell that I need some grounding. As much as I adore restorative yoga, it’s typically not an easy thing for me to practice, since I don’t really care for slowing down. I like to run around and do things. But, not always what I need energetically. So, at times like these I try to practice 1-2 restorative poses that deliver the chill results I crave and need. Try this pose at the end of a day that’s got you frazzled and tired; it settles your energy and mind and helps transition you towards bedtime.

Viparita Karani – aka legs up the wall. 
Stand with your side against a wall so that your shoulder is touching it. Sit down, maintaining that close connection to the wall. In one movement, swing your legs gently up the wall and lay your torso down on the floor. You’ll then need to shift your hips away from the wall a few inches; experiment with a position that feels right for you. If you have tight hamstrings or lower back issues, you can put a folded blanket underneath your hips for support. Once you get settled, make sure that you have some distance between your feet and take your arms away from your body, palms up. Let your head rock gently from side to side; bring it back to center and close your eyes. Stay here anywhere from 5-15 minutes, focusing your attention on your breath. 
Yoga to help you chill. (Does anyone still say that? There is a groovy satellite radio station called Chill so I can’t be dating myself too much…)