Cowgirl Yoga 2010: Round Up #1

Last week was our Cowgirl Yoga kickoff for this summer’s retreat season, and it was a great success…especially because we managed to out-maneuver the wild weather (for example, we walked into a restaurant just as it started to hail). These ladies got to experience the 4 Seasons of Montana in 5 days (we woke up to snow on Friday morning), and they loved it. It helps to pack the right gear.

Here are highlights:

  • Doing one of my favorite hikes in the Gallatin Canyon, Pioneer Falls, with Kate giving us the scoop on the wildflowers, and informing us that we can eat the glacier lily flower for liver cleansing. (Not that anyone was in need of that.)
  • Explaining to a cowgirl what a grouse was, after we scared one out of the brush while hiking. Then: She: Is that it? Me: No, that is a moose.
  • Cowgirl Cake shaped like a horseshoe for Ann’s birthday!
  • Buffalo and their babies on the road as we returned from the hike.
  • A vegetarian ventures to sample a Rocky Mountain Oyster. No kidding.
  • Savoring our horse themed wines 14 Hands and the “thoroughbred of Chilean wines”, and our yoga themed wines from Namasté Vineyards. And a couple extra glasses courtesy of Plonk.
  • Fabulous, flavorful food. Thank you soooo much for feeding hungry cowgirl yoginis such healthy grub: Kate, the Emerson Grill, and Sola Café.
  • The talk on healthy herbal living by the lovely Kris Hill of Hill Botanical.
  • All the Yeehaw moments with the horses, and the Namaste moments on the mat. And vice versa.

And to sum it all up, here’s one of my favorite testimonials so far, from Becky:

Thank you so much for a healthy, active, balanced, peaceful, refreshing, life-changing retreat. The experience gave me a new perspective on friendship and connection between women, the wisdom and power of horses, the strength resulting from being gentle with our body and soul, vast beauty and being present at all times.

I’m very excited to announce that we’re adding a LUXE Cowgirl Yoga September 16-19, at the beautiful Double T River Ranch. So there are 5 more retreats coming up if you’d like to join us!