Cowgirl Yoga Chic

A mid-summer’s day dream: it’s mid-summer, and the top picture from our July CY Ranch Camp is like a day dream. Building on the theme of my last post (yoga “selfies” hoopla), it’s also ironic and amusing that we offer a Cowgirl Yoga photo shoot on retreat. Why? Because it’s fun, and I can’t think of a better souvenir than a gorgeous photo that captures the essence of your vacation. Every retreat is unique, and every photo shoot is as well. I love going through them and remembering the group and their dynamic, where we chose to shoot and why, and who loved which horses. This photo takes my breath away, with its carefree attitude and flowing movement captured in a still frame. No wonder I prefer photos to videos. They seem to possess more potential for magic.

Here’s more from the same retreat, on Montana Yoga Photog’s blog.

And guess what else? Cowgirl Yoga is chic. We got a mention on the high fashion icon Harper’s Bazaar website in their feature Summer Camp Chic: 6 Grown-Up Getaways. Now there’s something I never imagined would happen – my photo in anything Harper’s Bazaar!

Lastly, while we are still on the topic of gorgeous photos – don’t forget about Cowgirl Yogatography, our new retreat this October. We only have a few spots left. So if you agree that there is magic to be made with photos…and even more so with horses (and yoginis!) as our models…join us.

A mid-summer’s Yeehaw & Namaste to you.