Cowgirl Yoga in Costa Rica

Some things are just meant to be. When Equisol contacted me last fall about bringing Cowgirl Yoga to Costa Rica, it seemed like we might be soul mates. Their passion for the connection between horses and yoga…well, it felt really familiar. And quite honestly – they had me at swimming with the horses. 
So, off we go to Costa Rica in January 2015 for LUXE Cowgirl Yoga. I was honored and humbled that this retreat sold out in two days, with Big Sky Yoga Retreats alumnae. I can’t even describe the warm, fuzzy feeling I had as the cowgirl yoginis I know and love from our retreats signed on; it was like getting RSVPs from people you really want to be at your party. As one of them said, she just had to be one of the pioneers to take CY to new exciting places. Yeehaw and Namaste to that. 
I’ve never been to Costa Rica. After some time in South America during college, I decided I wasn’t really a jungle girl. I am super afraid of spiders. I’ve discussed the sweat thing before, and as I live in Montana I mostly only sweat when I choose to. But travel is about adventure, expanding not only your world view but your comfort zone. As my badass trainer always reminds me: You’ll never get any better if you stay in your comfort zone. My homebody urge to never leave the state of Montana is once again trumped by the urge to explore and grow…with yoga and horses, no less. I will no doubt come home a new cowgirl. Yoga with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Fresh tropical fare and Costa Rican coffee. Swimming with a horse, and riding through jungle and mountain trails. And did I mention horses + the beach? Hasn’t almost everyone who loves horses had that fantasy?? I’m ready to pack my jeans, cowgirl boots and swimsuit. 
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And if you too would like to be a Costa Rican Cowgirl Yogini…we might be adding a second retreat for 2015. Stay tuned.