Cowgirl Yogatography 2014 – two spots left

And now…a note from Larry, our very own Montana Yoga Photographer, and my co-pilot for our Cowgirl Yogatography retreat October 9-12.

October is just around the corner and we are three short weeks from the second Yogatography Retreat at the amazing Double T River Ranch. I can’t wait to see what magical moments will be had this year. Last year’s retreat was one of the most creative and exciting times of my year! And, I fully intend this one to be no different in that regard…ONLY BETTER!

If you are contemplating leaping for one of the last two spots available, I want to encourage you – jump in, the water is fine! Don’t be shy, you will be in great company. We will start with a healthy dose of camera 101 and quickly mix in some creative exercises, assignments and morning meditation that will free up your brain and spirit to inspire your photography, regardless of your skill level. I will be striving to keep up with the yoga classes, and… believe me, that will level the playing field. Baby yoga steps for me!

And if you need a little more inspiration, here are some images that I grabbed during last year’s retreat. Please join us for the second annual Yogatography Retreat in Montana. These are images I captured in between the teaching and the yoga – the image at left was an assignment that the attendees conjured up for me.

Hope to meet you in Montana soon – Larry Stanley