Cowgirl Yoginis strap JADE on the saddle

I’ve tried a lot of yoga mats over the last ten years. I admit that I could have kept it simple (and possibly annoyed husband less, without the yoga mat avalanches falling out of almost every closet in our house), but in keeping with my product-oriented past I just couldn’t help myself from trying them all. But I don’t think I will be shopping around any more – to my yoga mat, be true. It has the best grip and cushiony feel of any mat I’ve ever downward dogged on. It’s made from natural rubber. They plant a tree for every mat sold. They make a kids’ mat, which my 4 year old adores. The colors rock. It’s JADE, baby.

One day last spring, shortly after declaring my mat monogamy, I had a vision: Morgane and I on horseback, with our Jade mats strapped to the back of the saddle, adding a little Yeehaw to our Namaste. Luckily my good friend Larry Stanley understands my visions. Voil√†, here it is. We can be found on the “Look who’s using the Jade mat” bar on the Jade website, and are very proud to be there. You’ll find Jade mats at my Cowgirl Yoga retreats (yes, we really do strap them to the saddle when we ride out), and all other Big Sky Yoga Retreats’ trips too. Go get your yoga on, on a JADE mat – you’ll forget the rest.