Cowgirls vs. Cancer Road Trip!

Exciting news – we kick off the summer retreat season with our annual Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat exactly one week from today. Even more exciting news is that two of our cancer kickin’ cowgirls are road tripping to Montana for it. And they want help deciding which way to go.

Deb Cohan and Michele Turner were friends ten years ago. They reconnected at a breast cancer group, having serendipitously both just been gifted the Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat. Deb danced her way through healing cancer and got the world to dance with her (watch her You Tube video that has had over 7 million views!), Michele healed through writing and creativity. This is more of a vision quest for them than a trip. They are going to flash mob dance and create, en route to Montana from San Francisco – Michele has written a book called Lucky Penny Hike, and they are asking everyone to flip a penny to determine their route (the subject of her book, and how they both embrace uncertainty). Join in their adventure!

Flip a penny and let them know what happens. We will keep up with the road trip on our Facebook page. Happy trails to Deb and Michele, can’t wait to meet them in Montana!