Create Connection

I can’t believe it’s over. 12 Days of New Year’s Resolutions, just like that. Thanks for coming along for the ride. And before I sign off for a tiny blog break, here’s #12: create connection. I love the feeling of connection I have from writing this blog; I don’t know everyone that is out there reading, but I like that it could be anyone, and often a stranger’s comments move me immensely. We might never otherwise meet, but here our paths crossed. Email, Facebook, Twitter often get a bad rap – it’s even been said that they discourage real live social interaction because people are so busy with their noses in computer screens. I beg to differ. Like everything else, you can always have too much of a good thing; but use them wisely, and they are rewarding. I enjoy reconnecting with old friends, keeping in touch with retreat alumnae, and making new friends through social media. It provides ways to connect that we never had before. And a feeling of connection is essential to well-being. So I hope that you’ll keep connecting with me, on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and especially in the flesh here in Montana on a retreat. Name it and I’ll be there! Namaste.