Does yoga make me a homebody?

After a month-long school holiday, lots of travel thrills, the royal wedding, the big OBL news…I am craving a lack of excitement and some serious yoga. A return to the same-old same-old. A daily routine, if you will. I like consistency. I am, it seems, a bit of a homebody. I want to do the same thing every day for a bit – especially when that involves daily yoga class.

Today, I practically hurled myself onto my mat, following my month-long hiatus from the studio. Of course I’ve done some yoga – but it’s not the same as full-on dedicating yourself to a focused practice (btw – travel yoga tutorial forthcoming on the Athleta Chi, with the deets on what I did while on the road). My time away from yoga only inflames my passion for it more – a fine example of absence making the heart grow fonder. It’s my bedrock, the cornerstone of my health and happiness.
This is not the first time I’ve been reminded of the life balancing benefit of yoga. Yesterday afternoon, while strolling through Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, I felt on the edge (as good a place as any for some emotional drama, I guess). I just felt full of intensity that needed someplace to go, following a month of new places and experiences. I needed grounding after all the excitement, drama, and big world news. This morning at yoga, I could move out of my head and into the asanas, guided by my breath. I left yoga with a better perspective, and a better attitude. I firmly believe that yoga helps me manage all the excitement of life, and makes me happy to be a hOMebody. What about you?