End of Summer sighs

The official end of summer rapidly approaches…and I can certainly say that it’s going out with a bang. The last 10 days have been packed full of summer fun, including: our last Cowgirl Yoga Ranch Camp for the season; a few day long trail rides that made my bum ache it was in the saddle so long, and finally seeing the movie Cowboys and Aliens (weird – but I’ll take Daniel Craig in chaps any day). And I’ve also been slowly shifting gears for fall. Our first Eat Pray Love Yoga & Hiking retreat is next weekend, so I hit the trails (on 2 feet instead of 4) in anticipation of that. I adore the fall season – it’s always felt like more of a new beginning than the actual new year. That shift into cooler weather, slowing down from summer, and digging into routine. Six-year old starts school (not sure who is more excited about shopping for school supplies, her or me…brings back great memories!), my own yoga practice will become more of a regular thing, and I’ll have more time to process. It’s a seasonal shift into less doing and more being.

And as I settle into the fall season and being more of a homebody, I’ll savor lots of summer Montana moments, just a few of which are pictured here: our funky, open-air yoga studio at the CY ranch, that always leaves me smelling like incense, lavender, and horses; our CY branding sessions around the campfire (see the CY “brand” on the boots?); an exhilarating ride up to 10,000 feet, with Sacajawea peak above and Fairy Lake below; and the fish jumping in this remote mountain lake that we rode to yesterday. What summer memories will you savor this fall…? Yeehaw & Namaste.