EnJOY the season (and book a Big Sky Yoga Retreat!)

There is nothing like being an adult to make time go by too fast. Remember when you were a kid and Christmas seemed like it would never get here? We went to get our Christmas tree over the weekend, and all the Montana-sized ones were sold out (with the temperatures way below zero, we weren’t feeling hardy enough to go cut down our own). Sold out? Wasn’t it still the beginning of December? I had a deer-in-the-headlights moment today (well, it was one of many) when I realized how much I have to do. And not just how much I have to do, but how much I want to do. We have to remind ourselves that this window of time before Christmas holds the possibility for JOY, not just to-do’s and stress. We have to remind ourselves that joy is what this season is about. So, EnJOY this time, don’t wish for it to be over, and take a few moments every day to find ways to celebrate.

Speaking of joy…if one of our retreats is on your bucket list, now is a great time to reserve your spot for next year. Or, drop a hint that it’s at the top of your gift list! For any retreat reservations made in December, we are sending a Made-in-Montana holiday gift that includes: a minky-fleece Wizbang hat, a warming Montana Gold tea, a horsehair ornament from Cowboy Collectibles, and our signature Cowgirl Yoga lip balm in peppermint. (Tell Santa that if it’s a gift, we’ll also include a gift certificate for the retreat booking.) We are also in the process of adding an additional 2-3 retreats to the 2014 calendar, so there are lots of options to choose from. 

And even though
I believe that there could not be a better gift than
a Big Sky Yoga Retreat, wink wink…I do have some other
fun gift ideas coming next, along with a sprinkling
of holiday yoga advice. Wishing you a happy and
healthy holiday season – remember to enJOY! Namaste.