Fave finds to cure January blahs

I’ve got the January blahs. Just feeling unenthused, and slightly anxious about the non-winter weather we’ve been having (we really need some fresh snow). So I decided, what better time than now to dedicate a post to the frivolous, fun things that generally lift girls’ spirits: clothes, make-up, accessories, grown-up beverages. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot. Go ahead, indulge yourself with:

  • Harem Pants. I remember when I was in high school, one of our neighbors was hosting a French exchange student named Sophie, who had a pair of harem pants from Tunisia. In a nod to my future career forecasting “trends” (I kid you not – it was part of my job at L’Oreal), I found these to be über-cool and super sexy. And here they are, a trend, in 2010. I got mine from the pricey Prancing Leopard, but Athleta has them for Spring too at almost half PL’s price. They feel sort of silly, but that’s part of the fun. I’m guessing that my next clothing indulgence is going to be Athleta’s Kickbooty pant; call me a marketing victim, but the promise to flatter my butt is just too tempting. One of the 5-star reviews boldly proclaims, Kickbooty pants make my booty look like I’ve been doing yoga for YEARS!
  • The Brazilian Blowout. Back in December, my hairdresser convinced me to get this natural treatment to smooth and straighten my hair for about 3 months. Again, I was tempted by the promise to fulfill my fantasy of having hair that looked like I just left the salon on a daily basis, vs. my usual look of I just left my yoga mat/spin class or just took off my ski/riding helmet. I didn’t believe it would really work, so was really pleased when it did – I can step out of the shower and do nothing to it, and it dries perfectly coiffed. Amazing. Love it. Will do it again.
  • Clinique’s Pink-A-Boo lipstick. Glossy with just the right amount of sparkly pink. I also read something somewhere about how it is supposed to make your teeth look whiter. Do you think I am a sucker yet?? Even though cosmetics marketing used to be MY job?
  • Oroya sushi wine. No, it’s not sake. Who knew the Spaniards would come up with “a fresh and modern wine for a trendy lifestyle, the perfect match for Japanese-style food such as sushi and fish”. Trendy. Ha. This is what we get every time we go to Dave’s Sushi here in Boz, but it also goes great at home if you’re cooking anything with an Asian influence. And it’s cheap, too. Kampai. I mean Salud.
  • Cowgirl cowhide case for cell phone. I got a Droid (fancy new phone) for Christmas from husband, and I’m still a little afraid I might do something damaging to it. So I snagged this case, and may like it more than my phone.

Got any frivolous fun finds to add to this list? Do tell. Let’s beat those January blahs, shall we?