Foodie Friday in London

This week, I paid a visit to a place that I walk by pretty much every day. And somehow, amazingly, hadn’t been in yet; so I made up for that and went twice. Theobroma is billed as a “chocolate lounge” (I know, I know, why would I wait so long to go in a chocolate lounge?), with 10 flavors of hot chocolate. I fully intend to sample them all. So far, I’ve had the ginger and rose hot chocolates – but I may not make it past the rose. It was hard not to make an audible sound of pleasure upon the first sip of that. They also give you a complimentary chocolate with your hot chocolate. That’s a lot of chocolate, so I save mine for later…and so far, can’t make it beyond the out-of-this-world champagne truffle. They have gorgeous confections in fun shapes and sizes, including animals: I’ve gotten a pig and a dolphin for 5 year old, and it will be hard to resist the rest. But most of all, I think I may want this leopard skin chocolate stiletto for my upcoming birthday.

And speaking of food porn, I went to the Borough Market today with a foodie blogger friend, who was also one of my very first yoga students and now lives in London. My trusty London guidebook informs me that there has been a market in Borough since Roman times, and I definitely felt (tasted?) the centuries-old good food vibes. Yum. Happy friday, hope you can make it a foodie one too.