Friday Faves

It’s Friday, and I haven’t blogged about my fave things in awhile, so let’s have a little fun. This title refers to material goods and is a moving target, so periodically I like to share what I’m loving.

  • Secret passions lie in my past as a product marketer in the beauty industry; for some time, I went almost cold turkey, paring down my beauty products because – believe it or not – I was tired of trying and comparing them all and cluttering up my bathroom, which husband used to refer to as ‘an offsite R&D facility’ (but it’s my job! I would insist). So it takes a lot to get me to make an indulgent beauty purchase these days. I’d rather spend that money on a massage. But lately I am a sucker for anything rose; maybe it’s because we’re going to Morocco in April, and I have visions of rose petals and rosewater. Therefore I couldn’t resist The Body Shop’s new Moroccan Rose body butter. It’s really a sumptuous treat for your senses, not to mention dry winter skin.
  • The Tenaya Pant has taken over the Dipper as my fave non-yoga pant from Athleta. I’m not going to reveal exactly how many days I have worn this pant since we arrived in London, but suffice it to say that it’s stood up to serious wear and travel, is unbelievably comfortable, feels new despite frequent washings in the unpredictable UK machine, and best of all – looks stylish. And even better, they’re on sale right now so grab yourself a pair or two.
  • Have I mentioned China Gel? Well yes, I have, but indulge me again. With my new norm being 5 days of challenging vinyasa class each week, my practice and my body are venturing into new realms (and let me just say, this is a rockin’ way to kick off being 40!). Muscles I forgot I had have been awakened (read: sore). Between those lovely in-class Jivamukti adjustments and my own personal use, China Gel is now as much a part of my daily routine as the neti pot.
Enjoy! And if you have some faves your want to share, please post.
Happy Friday.