Giddy Up & go get COWGIRL Magazine

Got the January blahs? Run out and pick up the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of COWGIRL Magazine, which always has fun and funky features to fire up your inner cowgirl. But I also have an ulterior motive to this suggestion: this issue has a gorgeous, 7-page spread about our LUXE Cowgirl Yoga retreat, with the title “In Perfect Balance – Big Sky Yoga Retreats offers horses, ‘gourmet ranch’ cuisine, indulgent hospitality and some of the best yoga instruction in the west”.

The author truly captured the essence of everything we offer on retreat, so being the tell-it-like-it-is girl I am, I was very pleased by the accurate (not to mention flattering) portrayal of what we do. Many women often inquire about coming on their own, not knowing anyone; I always try to reassure them that over and over again, I witness the dynamic of women who just met acting like they’ve been BFFs for years. COWGIRL said it like this: “Developing effortlessly and organically, the female camaraderie at our retreat was a priceless element of the Big Sky Yoga retreat experience”.
And I am so tickled to have been described as “A willowy, comely brunette, with strong features and expressive doe eyes”. Moi? I’ll be riding high on that one for awhile! You can find COWGIRL at Barnes & Noble, and be sure to become a fan on Facebook. Yeehaw & Namaste.