Give yourself a time-out in child’s pose

Do you ever feel like you just want to stay in child’s pose? For, say, days? It’s the yogic equivalent of curling up in a ball (it has more dignity, too). That’s how I’ve felt for the last week. I seem to be one of those people for whom bad things happen in threes (or more). So, I thought I’d get back to blogging with this one-pose wonder. This may be the best one yet, because it’s like giving yourself a time-out (note: not the naughty child version) when you need to regroup. Drop onto all fours and hit the floor for child’s pose. You’ll be glad you did.

The how-to:

  • Come to hands and knees.
  • Push your seat back to your heels; take a little space between your knees, so that they can support your shoulders.
  • Your forehead should be on the floor, arms by your sides with the palms up, or overhead (as pictured). If your forehead doesn’t comfortably come to the floor, place a small pillow or even a book underneath it.
  • Stay. Rest. Breathe. For as long as you need. If it feels good, rock gently from side to side to massage your forehead.

It even feels good just to write about it. Namaste.
Coming tomorrow: Interview with a Goat Girl.