Glacier Grizzly & Staying Yogic

So my nerves started to fray a bit amidst all the bear warnings in Glacier National Park. A very exciting prospect, to see one of these magnificent animals, but I wasn’t all that interested in seeing one on the hiking trail. Just the size of the precautionary bear spray container that everyone carries is enough to spark some serious reflection on the scene that may play out should one need to actually use the bear spray. On our first day in the park, we embarked on a hike that promised sweeping mountain views and the captivating Appekunny Falls at the top of the trail; my husband started talking to me about what to do if he got “taken down first” by a bear, how exactly to use aforementioned bear spray, etc…and no joke, at this point we arrived at bear scat on the trail (for those not familiar with this term, which I was not prior to moving to these parts, scat = poop). Cue yogic breathing, because I was starting to hyperventilate. Gorgeous trail and promise of waterfall or not, at that moment I was questioning why people hike in Glacier Park at all. I was ready to give it up. But, we saw some fellow hikers on the trail (not carrying bear spray, I might add), I started breathing again, and we had a lovely hike without incident. The next day, we were driving by the trailhead spot and saw many cars pulled off the road; lo and behold there was our bear, a grizzly, happily munching away at berries in front of his audience. Turns out that was his territory after all. I am still pondering the risk-benefit scenario involved here…here’s a picture of some much-needed yoga at the falls.