The Green Dollhouse

I’m not sure who’s been more excited about Morgane’s biggest gift from Santa this year, me or her. Since her fourth birthday last summer, I’ve been researching dollhouses, and wasn’t happy with anything I found – all way too expensive ($300-400 for a dollhouse?!) and made with tons of plastic. I was delighted to discover PlanToys Green Dollhouse; PlanToys makes wooden toys from replenishable rubberwood. And this dollhouse has stuff I really wish our house had, like a solar panel, wind turbine, and rain water harvesting. We also got the add-on vegetable garden. The best is the dollhouse description:

The Green Dollhouse has been specially designed to help educate children about having a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable home. Sustainable living is an important concept that can be introduced at any age. Playing with a model of the Green lifestyle will give children a fuller understanding of what it means. This way children and families can become actively involved in the solution as we all move forward towards a healthier future.

Perhaps the dollhouse is an unrealistic shade of Green – but the key phrase for me in the description is, Sustainable living…can be introduced at any age. Morgane recognizes that we recycle. If she sees litter she picks it up (much to my dismay at times), saying we shouldn’t hurt the earth. These are values that are easy to instill, and that make me proud. So I heart PlanToys and their mission. And I’m Green with envy (had to do it, sorry) over this dollhouse’s recycling area, sorted by non-biodegradable, biodegradable and recyclable. I wonder where you can get curbside pickup for all that?