Halfway point: summer & 2010

What a whirlwind – is it really the middle of summer already?? I’m feeling full, in a very good way. You might have noticed I took some time away from an internet connection and to truly savor a little summer – we spent a family 4th at a lovely cabin in the woods, and then some time in Missoula with husband’s family. The weather’s been just right, after our cold, wet June, and everything is lush and green. Husband did his first post-knee surgery hike, and my recently-turned-5 year old showed us she can hike 4 miles sans probleme, in a dress too (she is definitely my daughter). We drove through the National Bison Range – love the photo above of one we saw shaking off the dust from a good roll. I just rode 20 miles in 2 days on my horse in the Bridger mountains, helping to flag the trail for Bozeman’s annual Poker Ride. Today we rode through a grove of trees and surprised at least 5 screech owls with our presence; it felt like a magical scene out of a movie. And our July 5-day Cowgirl Yoga starts tomorrow, to be followed closely by July’s ranch camp. I’m excited to meet Amy, our first Cowgirls vs. Cancer scholarship recipient, who is attending CY next week.

This is indeed my busiest time of year, which is exciting, unnerving at times, hectic, wildly fun. It leaves me FULL in many ways – of activity, gratitude, emotions. It’s a time when I need to remind myself that it’s not only acceptable, but also necessary to sloooow down sometimes and savor: indulge in a book, some quiet time, or a restorative yoga pose. This balance is what our Cowgirl Yoga slogan is all about: Yeehaw & Namaste. It’s mid-summer as well as the middle of 2010 – a great time to check in and see where you need balance. So add a little Yeehaw to your Namaste, or the other way around.