Halloween Yogini

Although Morgane is going through a Disney/princess phase, I was able to convince her to wear two costumes for Halloween; she was the Little Mermaid for trick-or-treating last night, but at her preschool, the costume theme was, “people who help people”. So of course, she went as a yoga instructor. I was pretty pleased with this, as you can imagine. I cut a yoga mat in half and tied it up with a strap for her to carry around; she was sporting her “I heart yoga” t-shirt, mala beads, and an OM anklet, and she LOVED chanting OM. That is what she’s doing in this picture, check out the focused expression. She was even ready to teach people up dog and down dog. I couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear after dropping her off at school. Following in mom’s yoga teacher footsteps? I hope so…at least, I hope that yoga will continue to bring peace and joy to her life. It made me recall how I’ve infused yoga into our relationship since the day she was born – when she was an infant, I would gently rub her third eye to put her to sleep (it still works sometimes). There are opportunities to infuse our daily life with yoga, even if we can’t always make it to the mat. Hope you had a fun Halloween.