Hands, horses, malas & mats

I know that I’ve waxed poetic many times before about how otherworldly beautiful Montana is, how inspiring the connection we create between women, horses and yoga is, and how adept our Montana Yoga Photographer is at capturing all of the above. Ready for more? I haven’t been on here the last few weeks, as I’ve been waiting for the right words to adequately describe our first B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga at the stunning B Bar Ranch. Right after that, I departed for a week in Glacier National Park, where I fell breathlessly in love with a gorgeously wild wilderness. It’s been a lot to digest. I may never find the right words. So once again, I will get some help from powerful images.

On our B-LUXE CY retreat, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to tap into our cowgirl creativity though mala making. We had a beautiful yoga teacher – who is a CY retreat alumna – share not only her calming voice and presence, but also her crafty guidance. I had envisioned a “Montana mala making” workshop as a fun activity that would also result in a unique souvenir. What I didn’t envision is the way each of the 108 beads, threaded by our own hands, would further bond us.

The above photo made me tear up when I first saw it. It’s all of our hands together, wearing the malas made by those same hands. The graceful hand on top belongs to a woman that has been on six retreats with us. Perhaps she was more our leader than I was; she was holding us together in a beautiful way. What this image says to me is how powerful our connection as women truly is. We have so much to learn from each other, and so much strength to give one another. When you add the experience of yoga and horses to that, I believe that it adds up to much more than just a fun vacation. It creates a bond and a source of strength that infuses our lives long after everyone has gone home.

Montana Yoga Photog may be a man, but he felt it too. In his blog tribute to the B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoginis, he penned this: Deep respects to: mothers, daughters, doctors, service staff, professionals, teachers, students, magazine editors, ranchers, bakers, managers and women from every walk of life…all of these amazing and fine women…Today, I was exactly where I was destined to be, doing what I love to do. Making images. Capturing moments of beauty. Honors and respects to my mother…May her strong spirit live on in women like these. Amen.

Hands, horses, malas and mats. Yeehaw & Namaste.